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Rules of how to play Snooker

  • Object: Points are built up by potting a red followed by a colour of your choice, the colour ball must be placed back on its original spot. When all 15 reds have been cleared from the table, a player must pot the colours in order or value - lowest first. Yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, black.
  • Fouls: The following shots are classified as foul strokes. A foul is no lower than 4 points and no higher than 7 (this depends on which colour ball you have pocketed. If you pot the yellow or green by mistake these count as 4pts)
  • Fouls are:
    (1) A miss is when the cue-ball fails to first contact a ball on and the referee considers that the striker has not made a good enough attempt to hit a ball on
  • (2) Potting a ball which you are not supposed to hit
  • (3) If the cue-ball passes over any part of an object ball, whether touching it in the process or not, or leaves the table
  • (4) Potting the cue ball
  • (5) Causing the cue to touch the white more than once

Circles Snooker & Pool Club

  • What we offer:We offer you the chance to come and relax with friends and play a friendly game of snooker and pool.
  • Quality:With top quality tables and with food and beverages on offer, you can be sure of a warm welcome. We run various tournaments throughout the seasons so check out our latest news for details.

About Us

Circles is an established business operating in Clonmel for more than 30 years. The business includes a casino, a snooker & pool hall and a Café

Our business offers customers the chance to come and relax at our centre while enjoying the lesiure activities of snooker, pool or adult gaming. Our casino offers customers the lastest gaming machines available as well as providing food and beverages.