Circles Coffee Bar
Fresh Coffee

Coffee - The real Italian experiece

At Circles Café we take great pride in our Coffees. Customers are free to enjoy their coffee while they browse online. All sandwiches are prepared on the premises using only fresh ingredients. see more...

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Setting a new standard for gaming

Our casino is the new standard for gaming in Clonmel due to it's combination of traditional games like Roulette and Poker with all the latest slot machines on offer. see more...

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Snooker & Pool

Enjoy the game in peace and quiet

We offer you the chance to come and relax with friends and play a friendly game of snooker and pool. With top quality tables availble you can be sure of a warm welcome.see more...

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Internet Access

Save yourself 20% off your Internet time

Members can make further savings with our Internet bundle package. These minutes give you a further 20% savings plus we offer Internet speeds which are 10 times faster than normal broadband see more...

About Us

Circles is an established business operating in Clonmel for more than 20 years. The business includes casino, snooker & pool hall plus Internet Café

Our business offers customers the chance to come and relax at our centre while enjoying the lesiure activities of snooker, pool or adult gaming. Our casino offers customers the lastest gaming machines available as well as providing food and beverages, while other customers prefer to use our fast brodband to access their online activities.

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